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If you are looking for a safe and empowering space to prioritize your spiritual growth and over all well-being, the Synergy VIP Group is for you.

It has long been my desire to be able to help more people and to create an environment that allows for positive, empowering, and enlightening information to be freely available in a very cost effective and affordable way. My activity and interaction on the Synergy Psychic Tarot Facebook page has shown me how much of a difference my work can make, and I love the interaction with my tribe! This is where the idea for the members-only Facebook community (and Whatsapp Broadcast list) came from. 

The group is designed to enable you to make a true commitment to your growth, healing, and spirituality, and to do so in a community of like-minded and positive people. It is a private group, so only members will be able to see posted content assuring your privacy and the confidentiality of anything shared in the group. 

Synergy VIPS will function as a subscription-based service, at an introductory rate of only $15 per month. It’s affordable for virtually anyone while offering incredible value. 

Should you prefer to not use Facebook as a platform, the Whatsapp Broadcast option is ideal for you. Members who sign up for this format will receive group posts and content in the form of a broadcast message (which is completely private – like a normal Whatsapp message) daily. This offers full access to all content, ebooks etc offered on the Facebook group but without the need for a Facebook account. 

Members will receive the following:

1. A free 1-question Whatsapp Voicenote reading with Atell every month. (Valued at $15).
2. Energy and/or Tarot readings for the Collective.
3. Informative and Educational Posts.
4. Group Polls (so group members get to have a say in the content posted).
5. Exercises to strengthen and develop your intuition.
6. Distance Reiki/Crystal healing once a month at least.
7. Access to live broadcasts or video classes once a month at least. (topics will be chosen or voted on by group members).
8. Free ebooks
9. A safe supportive community geared towards upliftment, spiritual growth and healing.
10. Tips and Exercises to help with emotional well-being and healing.
11. Exclusive members-only discounts on services at Synergy Psychic Tarot.
12. Positive affirmations created especially for the group.
13. Competitions.
14. Refer-a-Friend gifts/bonuses.
15. Free guided meditations.
This list will expand and/or change as per the needs of the community.